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Ismail Jalili is a retired consultant ophthalmic surgeon whose main focus of work now is in ophthalmic genetics with a particular emphasis on retinal dystrophies. This includes cone-rod and rod-cone macular dystrophies together with an acquired interest in enamel dysplasias and genetics of the CNNM4 gene. He continues to publish on this subject (link to publications) in addition to being a reviewer for several international journals.
His interest in multiple genetic associations commenced following work in the Middle East and in particular with the Order of St John in Jerusalem at the St. Johnís Eye Hospital and as a visiting professor at the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where the volume of genetic disorders encountered there greatly exceeded those encountered in the UK.
In addition to his genetic interest and work, he had over thirty years experience, predominantly in the UK National Health Service, but also in posts abroad. Prior to entering the field of ophthalmology, Dr Jalili had wide experience in major surgical specialities including general, cardio-thoracic, plastic, orthopaedic and plastic surgery at major UK teaching hospitals. His ophthalmic work included general medical ophthalmology and diabetic eye disease together with all types of ophthalmic surgery. He was also involved in screening programmes and in the prevention of visual disorders in childhood. (link to CV) Since the 1980s his work also involved ophthalmic genetic research and this remains his main interest.










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